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Hey there!

We are the Brames- a travel and adventure loving US expat family that currently live in London. I used to blog years and years ago as a young married soul... but fell off that band wagon when Instagram rose in popularity. But here I am- back in the blogging world. Funny how social media comes full circle.

As a young married couple, we made traveling a priority in our lives. Fast forward five years and we brought a sweet little baby into the traveling picture. Although the pace of our traveling changed, we still continued to travel and have learned MANY things along the way.

I am here to share our tips, tricks, advice and specific itineraries that may help you in your travel planning and adventures with your kids around the world! We are passionate about this topic, and now that we live in London with access to the whole of Europe at a fraction of the cost- well... we are even more obsessed with traveling. If that is possible?

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