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Europe Travel Itineraries

Do fairytale countries really exist? We think so! We only stayed for a few days but fell in love with this tiny gem of a country.


We can't get enough of this beautiful country. We were here right as coronavirus broke out- which made it one wild adventure!


Traveling in the winter months is always an interesting adventure, but we found the Netherlands to be full of beauty even in the cold.


Our fifth time to Italy... and it still continues to blow us away. This region of the western coastline of Italy is unbelievably pretty!


We were blown away by the beauty of this country. The land of fire and ice needs to be at the TOP of your bucket list!


A volcanic island off the coast of Africa and belongs to Spain? What is this amazing place?

You must go!

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Is Paris ACTUALLY that kid-friendly? We've found some great things for kids to do, so bring them along on your trip!


This country often gets forgotten... but it should not be! Full of history and beauty, Poland is a country worth seeing.


Yodel-ay-hee-hoo! The pristine countryside, incredible mountains and fresh air blew us away in this Southern Germany gem.


We anticipate more Greece posts in the future... but this was our first introduction to this beautiful country. We will be back for sure!


This region of Portugal deserves a post on its own. It was an incredible adventure of epic views and hikes with wild beach front!


This country blew us away with its depth of history! It's been through nearly every major world conflict and has some of the most interesting stories to tell.


Christmas magic, reindeers, snow, dog sled rides, Northern Lights and more! Finland is an amazing, snowy wonderland!


Did you know that the Republic of Ireland is in Europe and not considered to be apart of the UK? We loved this place!


Need a quick getaway to somewhere warm and family friendly? Gibraltar and Malaga were just what we needed to escape some winter blues.


Nestled between France and the Netherlands, this land of chocolate, waffles and beauty often gets overlooked!


This country is PACKED with amazing cities, beautiful water and amazing islands. Croatia- you have my heart.


We are by no means experts on this, but are happy to share what we have learned about Christmas markets around Europe: what we loved and what we didn't!

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