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This makes the list of one of the prettiest cities in Europe.

It is Jon's favorite European city and is high up on the list of mine.



First of all, this city is extremely walkable AND beautiful to walk around. For this reason I recommend staying anywhere in city centre so you can enjoy that aspect of Prague. It has small winding streets that lead to multiple town squares and it is incredibly picturesque. However, public transportation is also really good and easy to use if you need to stay outside city centre. We stayed at the Prague Marriott Hotel and it was perfect and so close to everything.


  • Powder Tower- Just around the corner from the Prague Marriott Hotel is the Powder Tower which provides a great view of the city. This tower was built in the 1400's and was meant to be a decorative entrance to the city rather than a lookout tower. Count how many towers and steeples you can see from the top! Don't forget to stop and grab a kolache afterward.

  • Old Town Square- This square is a VIBE with something always going on. While we were there we stumbled upon Serbian folk dancers and loved every minute of it. This is one of my favorite parts of traveling. If nothing is happening in the square, stop here to people watch as it is a busy place to eat and meet up.

  • Easter Market- If you are in Prague at the beginning of April, make sure to check out their Easter market in the Old Town Square and around the city. While they're not quite as popular as Christmas markets, it was fun to browse and peruse all their spring items they had for sale; including decorative eggs and pussywillow whips!

  • Astronomical Clock- The clock was built in the early 1400's and shows the relative positions of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Zodiac constellations. It also tells the time, provides the date, and, best of all, provides some theater for its viewers on the hour, every hour. Don't forget to wait at the clock to see the 12 apostles come out and dance!

  • Prague Zoo- We normally aren't zoo going people, but the Prague Zoo had such stellar ratings that we had to give it a try. The kid was also super keen to go, so off we went! I have to agree with the reviews, that this place was 100%. There were so many animals, the park is huge and the pride of the zoo is its Elephant Valley, home to a sizeable herd of Asian elephants. We had a great time!

  • Walk along the Vltava at sunset- You can't beat this view. Start a little further north of Charles Bridge so you can see the bridge and castle as you walk south. While we walked we also re-enacted that scene from Mission Impossible. You know the one. After you get to Charles Bridge, make sure you walk across and enjoy the artists and musicians who entertain along the way.

  • Museum of Bricks- This museum is essentially a LEGO museum but since it isn't owned by LEGO I think they have to use a different name, lol. The kiddo really enjoyed this museum. There is a lot to see and do and much of it was very nostalgic for me. However, the entrance price seems kind of steep for what we got. It is probably no more than 2 hours worth of entertainment and the entry price was high.

  • National Museum- This museum had some really great exhibits, but really the best part is the incredibly beautiful building. It is stunning. It was also used in the opening party scene in Mission Impossible! My kiddo loved the gem exhibit and I loved the incredible ceilings.

  • Vytopna Railway Restaurant- If you are in Prague with kids you HAVE to come here. Ok, even if you don't have kids you should come here. This was one of the best dining experiences we have every had while traveling. It does get very busy so be sure to make a reservation! This whole restaurant is built around the model trains as they bring you your food and drinks. We loved watching the trains go round and round, back and forth.

  • Scavenger Hunt- This was hands down the most fun thing we did in Prague. My kiddo LOVED it and was so into it. We booked through City Questor and had a great time. One of their employees met us at Starbucks, explained the rules, gave us a phone that would give us clues, and off we went! We really felt like Sherlock Holmes and Watson on a secret mission.

We were in Prague for 2.5 days and only scratched the surface!

There is so much to do for you and your kids in the wonderful city.

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