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Using Skyscanner to find flights to "anywhere" for our dates of travel is one of our favorite ways to plan travel. We did this for Jon's birthday weekend, and found cheap flights to Cyprus! We booked it, found a hotel resort with points, and away we went for a cheap and beautiful holiday.


We booked Amathus Beach Resort Hotel in Limassol with points and it turned out to be such a gem! We had the most fabulous time. We felt like important guests the minute we walked in. They gave us welcome drinks and let us check-in early. They had a great buffet/restaurant, kids club, and multiple pools! It was early in their season so not all the pools were warm- but they had some that were heated. I mentioned that we were here for Jon's birthday and they gave us a bottle of champagne and cake in our room complimentary! We really had such a great time.


  • Enjoy the sun! We were only there for the weekend, so one day was spent enjoying the resort in the sunshine. Living in England we HAVE to find some sunshine in the winter to make our lives bearable. The resort has several pools, a kids pool area, lounge chairs everywhere in the lawn, and private access to a beach.

  • Explore Cyprus's rich history sites! Cyprus has a long and ancient history- being an island in the Mediterranean acting as a gate for Europe and the Middle East. The remains of the oldest known settlements date back to the Neolithic period, between 9000 and 6000years ago. Even the name, Cyprus, derives from the ancient Greek word for the precious copper deposits that were already being mined and traded as early as 2500 BC. It is OLD! We went to Kourion and loved exploring the ruins. Also- fabulous views over the ocean. The city-kingdom was built on the hills of the area, and overlooked and controlled the fertile valley of the river Kouris. According to archaeological finds, evidence suggests that Kourion was associated with the Greek legend of Argos of Peloponnese, and that  its inhabitants believed they were descendents of Argean immigrants. The once-flourishing kingdom was eventually destroyed in a severe earthquake in 365 AD.

There is obviously SO much more to explore in Cyprus-

let me know what you end up planning for your trip!

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