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UK Travel

The perfect places to explore that are outdoors and Covid safe! The National Trust sites remained opened during lockdowns... but hopefully we won't have to have any more lockdowns in the future.


If you have the time, the Lake District is the place to make your outdoor dreams come true. Truly a stunning area in the UK. We hiked, canoed, wandered and saw many cool castles!


Maybe locals don't think it's a cool city, but we found a lot of kid-friendly fun to occupy our time and had a lot of fun! 


Castles, castles and more castles made up our itinerary through this beautiful country. We can't wait to come back and explore even more of this incredible place.


This charmed archipelago off the west coast of Cornwall has spawned more myths and legends in a small area than anywhere else on the planet.


We think we've found the prettiest city in England! Bath has got all the regency charm and makes for a fun couple days out with the family.


One of the best family trips to date. We loved this epic adventure in the Autumn through the beautiful Scottish countryside in a camper van  This should definitely be put on your bucket list.


We came for my birthday weekend, which was a fun treat. Covid restrictions were still in place which made it a little tricky to eat outdoors (due to the rain), but we managed to have a great time!


Bordering England and Wales lies a beautiful valley with rolling hills, castles and crumbling abbeys. Put this one on your weekend list!


There are so many charming places off the coast of mainland Great Britain and surprisingly easy to get to! Isle of Wight is a great mix of adventure and leisure.


Have you ever heard of the Jurassic Coast? If you have any dinosaur lovers in your family you have to make it down here!


The English countryside ceases to amaze us. There are so many places to go and things to see in this incredible country!

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