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Updated: May 24, 2023

Outside of London, this has got to be our favorite English city.

It's like nothing else we've seen before.

It's as if you've stepped back in time to Regency England.

This regency era town is straight out of a Jane Austen book. In fact, the characters in Jane Austen's novels frequently go to Bath to escape their city lives. It was an important place for the regency social scene! I went through a Jane Austen kick where I read all of her novels within a couple months and then had to do ALL the things Jane Austen.


We've stayed at a couple places now in Bath... did you know that you can stay in Jane Austen's house?! That's right, it's on Airbnb. The flat you can rent is in the basement of the house that Jane Austen and her family stayed in for a couple years. Most likely the servants slept down there, and not Jane... but it is a cool thing to say you stayed in her house!

Holiday Inn Express Bath isn't anything fancy but it has a free breakfast which is why we like it! It is about a mile walk into the city centre, but it was pedestrian friendly and we didn't mind the walk. You walk past a Sainsbury and a food market if you're in need of some grub.

Hotel Indigo is the perfect location. You can't beat the proximity to the city centre as it sits kitty corner to the abbey and right next to the River Avon. Boutique hotel with a fun vibe. We stayed here on a couples trip and felt that it was perfect.


  • Pintxo de Bath- If you like tapas, then you should make a stop here. Small and cozy, this place had the perfect vibe for a date night. And did I mention all the tapas we had were incredible? Super delicious.

  • Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House- Their historic building is one of the oldest houses in Bath. The kitchen museum shows the actual kitchen used by the legendary young Huguenot baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath to create the first Bath Bunn – an authentic regional speciality now known the world over. Very unique, and very quaint.

  • Green Bird Cafe- Great breakfast spot with delicious french toast! You can't find french toast in England very often.

  • Beckford Canteen- Delicious British fare. It is the perfect stop for a quick, tasty bite or a longer, more indulgent dining experience.

  • Wild Cafe- They serve brunch all day. Need I say more?

  • Landrace Bakery- beautiful pastry and coffee shop. Their cinnamon bun is *chefs kiss*.

Things to do

This is the best part of Bath because there is SO much! Bath has been around since the Roman times so there is a LOT of history in this town.

  • Avon Canal- Bath is surrounded by beautiful waterways, including the historic Kennet and Avon canal. Bath and water are inseparable, so it’s almost compulsory to take a boat trip along the river or hire a canoe, punt, row boat or narrowboat for a more active day out. Taking to the water is a gentle and relaxing way to explore Bath and the surrounding areas, offering a different perspective of the city's iconic sights and the opportunity to encounter some waterside wildlife as you float along. You can also go for a run along the towpath for some beautiful views.

  • Bath Abbey- This gorgeous church sits at the heart of Bath. It's beautiful inside and out. You can pay to go inside for a tour, or you can visit the church for a service and get to go in for free. If you do go in for a service, make sure you're sitting and not walking around the edges like a tourist!

  • Roman Baths- This is arguably the most famous thing to do in Bath because well... this is how the town was started and got it's name! Admittedly, I found the whole complex fascinating and well worth the time and money. They had an audio guide with a kid-friendly version as well. It blows my mind that Romans constructed such amazing things!

  • Royal Crescent- You've for sure seen this street in a regency era film sometime in you life. It is a very famous location in Bath. Built between 1767 and 1775 and designed by John Wood the Younger, it remains to this day one of the greatest pieces of Georgian architecture in the UK.

  • Wander the streets- This is what I love about Bath. The streets are all quaint. Most of them are pedestrian streets. There is street music happening everywhere. There are good shops around every corner. I think wandering is one of the best parts about discovering this amazing city.

  • Pulteney Weir- This picturesque horseshoe weir was first built in the 1600s to prevent flooding in the town of Bath. Now it makes for a lovely location to people watch, have a picnic, watch the sunset, or walk along the river.

  • Jane Austen Centre- This was a highlight for SURE! Perfect little museum about Jane Austen's life and her works. Downstairs is a place to practice your writing with a quill and to dress up in regency clothing. If you book early enough, you can get in for an afternoon tea with Mr. Darcy!

  • Alexandra Park- This is by no means an easy walk... but if you like a lot of steps and views that make it worth it, then climb up to Alexandra Park! You won't regret it. Spectacular views over Bath.

You really can't go wrong with adding Bath to your England itinerary. It is an easy train ride from London and you could see most of Bath within a day.

Highly recommend for those Jane Austen lovers out there!

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