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On the border of England and Wales lies a beautiful valley- the Wye Valley. Dramatic views, crumbling abbeys and quaint villages.

We found ourselves in the Wye Valley for a half marathon that I and several friends decided to do... but glad that gave us an excuse to see this beautiful part of the country! The Wye Valley is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that lies on the border of England and Wales. Through the valley runs the River Wye and creates some of the most beautiful rolling landscapes. If you're looking for a weekend away- I highly recommend getting out here!


This amazing abbey was ransacked and burned during the dissolution of the monasteries... which is sad, I'll admit. BUT the ruins that are left are so romantic and dreamy. You'll find yourself in awe as you walk through these huge ruins. AND it is a great place for kids to run around, play, and let their imaginations run wild.

Travel Tip- Tintern Abbey is technically in Wales

BUT you can get discounted admission

with your English Heritage pass.


Not far from Tintern Abbey is Chepstow Castle. After parking, taking a minute to walk around the town as it is very quaint with lots of good pubs. BUT back to the castle...It is the oldest surviving post-Roman stone fortification in Britain. It has a beautiful and imposing location up above the cliffs on the River Wye. What is remarkable is that construction began in 1067! NEARLY ONE THOUSAND YEARS AGO. England is so cool. This is another great kid-friendly spot to let the little ones explore.


Near to the Forest of Dean lies the most mystical place. No really. I have never seen anything like it! No wonder it is frequently used for filming locations for fantasy and sci-fi movies INCLUDING Star Wars. Let's be honest... our travels are frequently fueled by our love for Harry Potter and Star Wars filming sites. This is a MUST visit for families. They have a small farm, a playground, and then the walk through the forest is really magical.

That's about all we had time for in a weekend.

I hope you plan to go and let me know what you got up to!

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