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Southwestern England is full of incredible places.

I would suggest combining these two places with a visit to Bath as well!

So much to do and see and so little time for it all.

We've been to this part of England several times now and we always find something new to do! Really truly, this country is beautiful. I'll link places we stayed things we did below!


Both of the places linked below were houses that would suit a big group. We went with several families and needed lots of bedrooms for adults and children. This area of England is a great place to run away to with a fun group of people; whether that be family or friends!

The house above, Winscombe Court, was incredible. The house was huge, it had an indoor pool, trampoline, and mini golf course. The kids were in heaven.

This was another great house with a cottage feel instead of huge manor estate feel. In June, the roses are blooming and it was just magical. The kids had fun in the wonky bedrooms and running around in the garden.

Fun in the Area

  • Cheddar Gorge- A massive fissure cutting through the limestone rock of the Mendip Hills at more than 400 feet deep in parts and over three miles long. You can start a hike in the cute town of Cheddar and climb up, up, up to the top of the ridge. This trail takes you along the edge, drops you back down and up the other side! The views were incredible.

  • Hiking in the Mendip Hills- You really can't go wrong with any walk or hike you want to do in this area. We walked from our lodging to a trail close by and went for a lovely walk. The beauty of England are all the public footpaths that make outings like this possible!

  • Glastonbury- This place is a quirk and a half. Known for its festival, its mysticism, its music, and its abbey; it is a fun variety to make things interesting!

Not only is Glastonbury the cradle of Christianity in England but is also reputed to be the burial place of King Arthur. Glastonbury is thought to have been a site for pre-Christian worship, perhaps because of its location by the Tor, the highest of the hills surrounding Glastonbury and a superb natural viewpoint. I must say... climbing Glastonbury Tor at sunset has got to be one of my favorite British experiences of all time. Epic lighting with a group of Hare Krishna singers at the top making incredible vibes as the sun went down.

And then Glastonbury Abbey... what is it about abbey ruins that are so magical and spiritural to me? Theyre beautiful and yet haunting. I love them.

  • Tyntesfield National Trust- We love stopping at National Trust sites whenever we can! This beautiful estate close to Bristol was owned by Antony Gibbs and made his money selling and buying guano. That's right. In the poop business. Derived from the Quechua word ‘wanu’ for ‘malodorous commodity’, guano was prized as a highly efficient fertilizer.

  • Clifton Suspension Bridge- This is one of Bristol's most recognisable structures. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it marks a turning point in the history of engineering and has come to symbolise a city of original thinkers and independent spirit. The visitor center is open daily and is free (although it does cost $1 to drive over the bridge).

This is just a tiny sampling of what there is to do in this area. I can vouch that it was all stuff we enjoyed, and can also attest to there being so much more!

Let us know what you find when YOU visit!

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