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The UK is full of so many gems. Exploring this country has brought so many happy surprises and Dorset is definitely an area with plenty to do!

We decided for our accommodations we would camp at South Lytchett Manor. We had friends who gathered up several families and we made a big weekend out of it. The great thing about this campsite was that it had lots of options! Some of us camped in pods and some of us set up tents. Some of us had normal tents and some of us had Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup tents- which made the camping experience all the more fun.

Another thing we loved about this campsite was the playground, the clean facilities, and their on-site shop for any small items that we may need. They also had warm pastries in the morning that filled our tummies- yum!

There is no shortage of things to do in Dorset, but here are a few that we did and really enjoyed!

  • Lyme Regis- Do you have a fossil lover in your family? This is the place for you! Teach your kiddo about Mary Anning (beloved English paleontologist) and set off for Lyme Regis to visit her house and fossil museum. Not to mention that Lyme Regis is a very quaint seaside town. Beware the seagulls though! They will take the food RIGHT out of your hands!

Opposite the town are lots of walks to do along the beach with fossil hunters galore! We tried our hand at fossil hunting for ammonites, but weren't able to find any. You can set up guided fossil hunting trips from the fossil museum which I would recommend! Maybe we can do that next time.

  • Durdle Door- This is an iconic stop for visiting Dorset and for good reason. It truly is an impressive sight. It is a limestone arch along the southern coast and is one of the most photographed spots in England! My advice would be to get there early and book parking in advance. Especially if it is a sunny weekend day. The walk to get down to the arch is beautiful and the beach is rocky not sandy.

  • Lulworth Cove- Equally as impressive and beautiful is Lulworth Cove. From the Durdle Door car park, you can hike left to Lulworth or hike right to Durdle Door. OR you can opt to park at Lulworth and then hike all the way to Durdle Door and back. I don't have an opinion on which is better, but we opted to park in the middle. The hike takes you along the cliffs before descending down to the ocean cove and the views are breathtaking. It is quite steep so make sure everyone is up for a challenge! Also... the little town of Lulworth is adorable.

  • Corfe Castle- This place was AWESOME! On the weekends in the summer they have lots of activities going on for the kids. Archery, tug-of-war, scavenger hunts, and more. It made for a great day out for everyone. Who doesn't love some old, crumbly castle ruins?

  • The beach- You can't go wrong with any of them. There are beaches all over the Dorset coast. We went to a couple and had amazing times at all of them. Sometimes our weather was cold and sometimes our weather was warm. That is just the way of English summers. *Pictured here are Swanage Beach and South Beach*

The British coast awaits!!

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