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This country blew us away with its depth of history! Did you know that Malta has been involved with nearly every major world conflict? Due to its positioning in the Mediterranean Ocean, it has been a key stronghold in many, many wars.


This was one of our cancelled trips of 2020, and it opened up LITERALLY the day before we were set to leave in 2021. There is so much to see in Malta. You can use some of our suggestions or do a completely new itinerary and still not be able to see everything!

Malta had an incentive to visit scheme going on and we were able to get an amazing price at this hotel... with the best view! We couldn't get enough of the sunsets.

Dolmen Hotel, Bugibba, Malta


Valetta is the capitol of Malta and is steeped with history. The walled city was established in the 1500s on a peninsula by the Knights of St. John, a Roman Catholic order.

Despite its small size, Valletta is packed with sites of historical significance, with buildings dating back to the 16th century. So much so that it’s been an officially listed UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980. That’s right, the city of Valletta as a whole is recognised by UNESCO for its historical and cultural value.

Travel Tip- We loved our walk through the tiny streets of Valetta,

but it was H-O-T! If you visit Malta in the summer,

my advice would be to site see in the morning

and make sure you find water to cool

off in during the afternoon so you don't melt.


Perhaps the best part of Malta is the water that surrounds it. It is insanely clear and blue and BEAUTIFUL! We had intended to do a lot of snorkeling this trip, but our daughter decided to be scared or snorkeling at the last minute and we battled her fears instead. C'est la vie.

Blue Lagoon was an amazing spot- but also insanely crowded... but for good reason. The water was incredible. We loved swimming int the clear water, but there was a pretty strong current that kept us from exploring and snorkeling. We almost got caught in it and it was quite dangerous!

Travel Tip- We took a tour boat out there that made a

couple other spots on the way. It was a rather large boat with a

lot of people on it. I think I would have rather gone

with a smaller boat operator so there weren't as

many people and so we could have snorkeled

in smaller, more intimate locations.

Another spot that can NOT be missed is St. Peter's Pool. This swimming hole is a perfect spot for cliff jumping and we weren't the only ones with the idea! I was too scared to jump off, but Jon jumped off several times and loved it. The water was again, incredible! The road to get down there was VERY narrow and a bit crazy with two way traffic... so be warned. Also the parking lot does cost a few euros so don't forget to bring some coins.


The boardwalk in Bugibba is so beautiful and has such a great vibe with a lot of restaurants and places to get an ice cream!

We loved walking along the boardwalk at sunset. To top it off, at the end of the boardwalk is an aquarium AND a playground. This is what dreams are made of for our little kiddo! The aquarium is small and took us about an hour... but our child also loves to run through exhibits and see things VERY fast.

The shark tunnel was our favorite!

You really can't go wrong with anything in Malta. The history is incredible and the water is breathtaking.

Small country- but put it on your bucket list!

Enjoy our Malta video on YouTube!

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