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We'll be back to this country. I feel like we barely scratched the surface.

Greece deserves several weeks of travel!


We knew we wanted to do a family trip somewhere before our little peanut started kindergarten, and I'm kind of ashamed to admit that Greece was actually our "Plan B" for this week of travel.

We wanted to go somewhere we could snorkel to our hearts content. We actually planned a trip for Malta and were all set to go... then the NIGHT before we were supposed to leave, the UK placed Malta on their quarantine list. We felt like we couldn't go anymore because the little one was starting school right after this vacation, and we didn't want to make her quarantine and miss the first two weeks of school...

So I stayed up ALL night trying to find somewhere else to go and Greece it was! It turned out to be amazingly perfect and exactly what we needed.

If you're wanting to do a short Greece trip,

then this itinerary is for you!



We flew into Athens since that was the cheapest and easiest... we were booking the night before (because the UK is changing travel rules all the time!) so we didn't have very many options. We stayed at a Holiday Inn hotel that was very close to the airport.

We only had one day in Athens, so we focused all our attention on the Acropolis. If you're in Athens for a short amount of time- the Acropolis isn't to be missed. It is kind of what Athens is all about.

Due to the last minute nature of the trip, we weren't able to prep the kiddo for the Acropolis like we wanted to. She was a bit confused as to why the ruins are such a big deal to humanity.

We went to the Acropolis museum after visiting the mount, and would recommend it to all. Not only was it a break from the heat, it provided so much more additional information... like the Elgin marbles... what?! Team "Give Them Back"!

Travel Tip- Athens in August was HOT! I would suggest bringing a cooling neck towel (like the one linked here), wear hats & sunscreen, and/or bring an umbrella. There is not much shade, and not much reprieve.

We bought a lot of cold water and ice lollies because of the heat.


Just an hour ferry ride from Piraeus port was the quaint island of Agistri! We wanted to do a big island tour of Mykonos and Santorini, but we just didn't have the time for that... not to mention those islands are quite far from mainland Greece. We opted for a small island, close to Athens so we had maximum amount of beach time.


It was beautiful skies, beautiful water, and beautiful beaches. We stayed in Megalochori at this amazing Airbnb. It is situated right on the ocean, above a restaurant, with stunning views. A nice perk? You get breakfast at the restaurant below each morning. Delicious.

Not far from Megalochori is the most beautiful beach my eyes have ever beheld. It's as clear as a swimming pool and the setting is gorgeous. We took a bus from Megalochori to Apinossos beach. It was quite crowded on the bus and make sure you have the correct change to get on! Be aware that you DO need to wear your face covering on public transportation, which can be uncomfortable in the heat... but you generally don't need to wear them once outside.

But look at this water. Talk about amazing!!

Beach Tip- This is probably one of the most popular beaches on Agistri.

If you are going, make sure to go early as they rent out beach chairs and they go quickly throughout the day. You can order sweet treats and food from your beach chairs.

And that was about it! Like I said, it was a quick trip but so incredibly beautiful. It was exactly the type of trip we wanted before school started full time for our little kiddo. We swam, snorkeled and soaked up the sun.

If you need a quick weekend trip to Greece, this was pretty freaking incredible.

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